Application & Registration

Application & Registration

Istanbul Arel University – ARELDİLMER Registration Process

Online Application


    1.  You can apply individually or online in our course, after which a reply mail is sent to you.
    2.  The application form of Istanbul Arel University will be filled in completely.
    3.  In order for our trainees to be able to make a definite registration, they must have paid the course fees to one of the following bank accounts on their behalf.
    4. Those who enter our country with a tourist visa must firstly obtain a certificate of acceptance from ARELDİLMER in order to enroll in Turkish courses at ARELDİLMER.
    5. ACCEPTANCE is given for $400.Necessary documents required for the Registration after the Student Visa has been received and entered to Turkey.
      Original Passport and Visa

      • 2 Photos
      • Registration Form Including Contact Information (It will be given by ARELDİLMER office.)
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